" ...from a strange world, circling inwards to a perfect model, a kernel, a declination — its product is not a shoe, nor a series of shoes, but a system of relations. "

2012 marks the incept year for the m_moriabc project, but the work carried out during this period follows a common thread- an unbroken line of continuous inquiry traced back to earlier undertakings including Evoluzione, Avantindietro, Linea, Sartoria and Carpe Diem. Over the subsequent 7 years, the three base last forms representative of past, present and forward-looking idea-shapes were rigorously experimented upon, put through a myriad of formal exercises, permutations, refinements. These affected everything - from last shape revisions and upper pattern developments to packaging and presentation format, including traveling exhibitions and large-scale installations. With the completion of m_moriabc in 2019, a selection from its 33 shoe_objects are now offered to the public.These contain the ultimate set of refinements and serve as the project’s concrete artifact. The research has since moved on past the formal constraints of the m_moriabc project. It persists through vn0ra.

Even now the work continues.